Permanent Staffing

We have considerable expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels.

Getting the right candidates at the right time is every HR Managers dream. At Tech Wynk we work towards achieving that dream for you. We have considerable expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels.

Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally.

Our permanent staffing selection is carried out through one of these ways:

Tech Wynk has one of the widest and most refined database of prospective employees from various fields. This huge stream of employee listing could be fully leveraged by our clients, ensuring the widest possible search for the best candidates. Selecting from our database also means a quick solution for your staffing needs.

When volume response is the need of the hour, nothing works better than advertising the required positions. Apart from quick and bulk responses, advertisements also bring the company in to the attention of the media and the prospective candidates.

Tech Wynk can come up with highly creative and strategic advertisement concepts that drive considerable responses to the vacant positions.

If you are a start-up company or a company on the expansion drive, our Active Staffing Services would suit all your staffing requirements perfectly.

We can work in tandem with your HR team to process and screen large volumes of prospective candidate listings internally, which results in significant savings on the cost and time involved.

Staffing Services

Permanent Staffing

Our workforce spread over India has one mission to fulfill — to find the right people to meet our client’s specific requirements – in the particular rung that you have a need and at the specific locations where you need people.

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Contract Staffing

Temporary staffing, though an accepted practice in the developed countries is fast catching up in India. And among the leading players in this field is none other than Tech Wynk.

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Executive Staffing

At Tech Wynk we perfectly understand how vital recruiting for your top management is. Our Executive Search is geared towards locating the brightest among the top management candidates for your company.

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