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Creating Convincing Client Adventures

Creating Convincing Client Adventures

Business 4.0, alongside readily accessible web, new technologies, technical advancements, and internet trends, is revolutionizing enterprise websites. More collaborative, socially interactive, and user experience-driven, they empower consumers to unlock the potential of content, data, and design.

Tech Wynk employs a specialized approach focused on enterprise portal development, content management, and collaboration. Leveraging various collaboration platforms and technologies, Tech Wynk delivers solutions tailored to meet your enterprise's specific requirements.

With a balanced blend of user experience design and workflow on a secure and robust digital collaboration platform, Tech Wynk's enterprise portal practice enables businesses to enhance their brand through seamless digital user experiences for their customers.

The organization's website serves as the primary identity of a business in the public domain and plays a significant role in omnichannel customer interaction. Through highly responsive design and web portal development, Tech Wynk empowers brands to guide their customers through a unique and personalized digital journey.

The integrated front-end and back-end capabilities enable businesses to track their visitors and engage them in an interactive environment, enhancing customer experience through guided interactions across their knowledge management assets.


Portal Experience
  • 100+ Web portal projects

  • Onsite-offshore delivery design and model
  • In-house tools for project acceleration
  • 100 terrabyte of data migration

Center of Excellence
  • Showcases the collaborative capabilities of Microsoft and Tech Wynk, providing clients with a wealth of subject expertise.

  • Designing and developing online communities, collaboration spaces, shared group inboxes, intranets, KM portals, and audio-video conferencing experiences.

Portal Expertise
Portal Expertise
  • 1000+ Person-months of portal experience

  • 24x7 support
  • 30% faster turnaround time
  • 40+ % reduced costs

Experienced & Certified Professionals
  • Cross trained teams

  • 100+ Open Source
  • 100+ SharePoint
  • 20+ Sitecore
  • 40+ Liferay, Drupal

Multimedia Aggregation
Multi-media Aggregation & SEO
  • Unique customer experiences achieved through multimedia integration and lead generation optimized with search engine optimization.

Digital Migration
Migration, Upgrade & MDM
  • Enhance or transition to the technology of choice.

  • Consolidate, generate, and manage expert information.

Enterprise Portal

Digital Portal Development
  • Tech Wynk merges exposure and expertise in best practices with extensive experience in enterprise application development, offering a holistic portal strategy encompassing interface design, content delivery, web services, and portal management.

  • With expertise in delivering unique user journeys, Tech Wynk empowers organizations to provide an enhanced customer experience across their corporate website.

Technology Architecture and Design
  • Utilizing the roadmap and architecture developed during the assessment and specification phase, Tech Wynk provides custom-built solutions with comprehensive business logic, reliable performance, and organizational and technological scalability.

  • Tech Wynk places a strong emphasis on user experience design, aligning with industry best practices and adhering to the Agile DevOps paradigm.

Enterprise Portal Development
  • Tech Wynk offers robust, reliable, and secure portal development services tailored to meet the unique requirements of clients across various industry verticals. These services cater to needs such as collaboration solutions, document management (digital documents and media), B2C e-commerce, business intelligence, knowledge management, web and content services, and personalization.

Support and Maintenance
  • Tech Wynk employs systematic maintenance of websites and web portals, which includes updating content, graphics, and other knowledge management assets, as well as integrating new elements, design features, and functionalities. Additionally, it offers ITIL-based support in an agile environment to enhance the brand image.

Digital Migration
  • Tech Wynk features Centers of Excellence that showcase the collaborative capacity of Microsoft and Tech Wynk, serving as a valuable source of subject expertise for clients. These Centers of Excellence integrate Tech Wynk's industry, application, and process expertise, along with its delivery toolset, with Microsoft software and middleware solutions and services. They enable businesses to seamlessly migrate to digital platforms from their existing sites.

Enterprise Portal


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Company Portal benefits? Just How do Enterprise Gateways enable companies?

Enterprise Portals offer role-based access to authorized employees, granting them access to various enterprise resources such as content, data, and business applications. It serves as a secure platform for knowledge management, knowledge transfer, and collaboration.

What is the well-liked Enterprise Portal software?

The globally recognized and popular Enterprise Portal software includes Microsoft SharePoint, Sitecore, Drupal, and Liferay.

Why is Customer Experience Design or UXD an essential aspect of Company Portals?

Customer Experience Design (UXD) is a specialized discipline focused on designing the layout of an organizational system to provide the best possible experience to its users. Business Portals represent a type of enterprise system frequently accessed by business users within an organization’s domain and externally through a secure enterprise protocol. They constitute a crucial component of the company’s brand and cultivate positive emotions during interactions with the Enterprise Portal.

What is role-based get access to management in Organization Portals?

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) provides restricted access based on the role of the individual within the enterprise hierarchy. It allows users to access only the content and assets necessary to perform specific tasks.

RBAC operates on permissions and comprises several elements, including roles, permissions, and responsibilities. It determines whether a user is an end-user, administrator, or event manager, and provides access levels such as read-only, create, and moderate.

RBAC enhances operational efficiency, ensures compliance, improves visibility, reduces operational costs, and prevents data leaks. It is an essential component of any enterprise system, particularly Enterprise Portals.

What is actually Concept Thinking in Venture Site growth?

Design Thinking considers user-level challenges in system management, identifies user problems, designs innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, and conducts user acceptance tests. It plays a crucial role in the design and development of modern Enterprise Portals.

User Experience Design (UXD) is a specialized discipline focused on designing the layout of an organizational system to provide the best possible experience to its users. Business Portals represent one category of enterprise systems that are commonly accessed by business users within an organization’s domain and externally via a secure enterprise protocol. UXD, as a discipline, creates unique, accessible, and practical experiences for users who interact with the system regularly. It constitutes an integral component of the organization’s brand and fosters positive emotions during interactions with the Enterprise Portal.

It determines whether a user is a manager, end-user, or administrator.

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