Digital Testing

Automation testing tools ranging from Big Data Testing to Big Data applications

Testing techniques that work with real-time data

Tech Wynk's  Digital Testing Practice places a strong emphasis on Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Continuous Testing (CT) in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. The team provides a comprehensive array of automated testing solutions that span from Big Data Testing and Agile Testing to Core Testing. Datamatics is dedicated to guaranteeing the flexibility, adaptability, and durability of business applications across a wide range of scenarios. They are committed to continually enhancing application functionalities across the Information Technology domain.

Digital Testing Services

Deliver projects to market bugs free

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Testing Practice
  • Years of executing testing projects in complex environments

  • Verification & validation experts
  • Experts in ISQTB, CSTE, HP, IBM

Testing Technology Enablers
  • Selenium

  • .Net Framework
  • IBM
  • Android
  • Neotys
  • JMeter
  • Filenet
  • Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • and many more

Faster Time To Market

Reduce screening opportunity through 40-60% as well as enhance test case quality in parallel for increasing the speed of application development

Automated Operations

Gain access to a popular system for test and also operational hands free operation for performing testing on fast-moving and also real-time data

Reduced Cost And Efforts

Lower prices through 40-60% by involving a device agnostic framework as well as reduce efforts in tandem in the screening and also overall software Development

Improved Application Quality

Test real-time test records coming from a number of resources along with very early engagement of domain professionals in testing in a shift-left method

Our Testing Capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does Digital Testing services bring?

We offer a range of benefits, including enhanced testing efficiency, elevated testing precision, improved application development and management, reduced operational expenses, and a comprehensive embrace of our Testing principles. This approach extends its influence beyond the Software Testing Lifecycle, encompassing the entire Software Development Lifecycle to bolster the DevOps framework. Through diverse testing methodologies, we facilitate seamless interactions within interconnected ecosystems.