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In recent years, the digital landscape has revolutionized every aspect of human activity, presenting new challenges and opportunities for enterprises. Issues such as insufficient customer data, identifying outdated business processes, demonstrating return on investment (RoI) with customer experience (CX) efforts, addressing customer privacy concerns, and breaking down organizational silos have hindered the implementation of meaningful CX strategies for many enterprises. According to a recent IDC study, only 7% of surveyed businesses claimed to have a comprehensive enterprise-wide digital strategy, while 50% of IT and business leaders in a recent Adobe Survey admitted lacking any CX initiatives or technological capabilities.

To assist enterprises in making significant progress towards their digital and customer experience objectives, Tech Wynk offers digital consulting services aimed at helping organizations accelerate their digital maturity curve ahead of competitors. We specialize in digitalizing specific business processes rather than advocating for a complete overhaul of existing IT systems. This approach not only fosters internal trust within the organization but also yields tangible results from digital initiatives, leading to faster RoI. Once key business processes are identified, our proficient delivery team, well-versed in various technologies, can provide assistance in areas such as web application development, mobile application maintenance services, game development, wearables, mobile app user experience, AI/ML Modeling, and AR/VR. Additionally, we support software product companies in expediting development through web and mobile product engineering services.

Digital Consulting

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Strategic Consulting
  • Growth Strategy

  • Business Modeling
  • Time of Entry
  • Gap Identification
  • Channel Strategy
  • Digital Risk Management

Customer Experience & Design
  • Channel Mix

  • Accessibility Design
  • People, Process and System Interaction Design
  • Brand Design
  • Primary & Secondary User Research

Technology & Engineering
  • Technology Forecasting

  • Roadmap Development
  • Technologies, Frameworks & Platform Evaluation
  • Data, ETL & Reporting
  • AI/ML Modeling

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