Cloud Solutions

Cloud migration solutions and services companies on the anvil make it possible for organizations to turn-around their applications to cloud

Jump start your business as usual activity over the cloud

As organizations search for strongly available innovation options to allow their executives gain access to functions and information anytime anywhere, cloud computing and cloud-enabled options are considered as the most viable alternatives. Cloud migration of the existing IT application presents a service obstacle. Cloud migration solutions and services companies on the anvil make it possible for organizations to turn-around their applications to cloud within a couple of weeks and jump-start their business as an usual task over the cloud.

Tech Wynk's cloud solutions aid companies transform their digital landscape to come to be extra active and scalable. Tech Wynk leverages cloud processing to regulate a varied range of IT resources so as to fulfill the customer's growing service necessities. Tech Wynk's cloud handled services serve as a prolonged arm for organizations as well as manage their sources on the cloud in a dependable manner.

Utilizing these solutions, companies can easily reduce their capital spending to a considerable degree via enhanced information control as well as capacity preparation. Tech Wynk's incorporated cloud solutions help organizations to create uses without impacting the equivalent components setups as well as proactively handle existing resources.

Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting & Cloud Migration
  • Cloud assessment and strategy

  • Cloud adoption strategy, TCO insights
  • Consulting for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) roadmap
  • Planning and design
  • Multi-cloud strategy planning and management
  • Cloud migration services
  • Native cloud services implementation
  • Integration, optimization, deployment
  • Configuration management automation
  • Spend Optimization and Security Compliance Frameworks

Cloud Consolidation
  • Re-hosting

  • Re-platforming
  • Re-purchasing
  • Re-factoring
  • Retire
  • Retain

Cloud Application Test & Implementation
Cloud Application Test & Implementation
  • Configuration management

  • Application security management
  • Cloud administration
  • Service improvements
  • Cloud monitoring & analytics
  • Value-added services

Support IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
Support IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
  • Configuration management

  • Application security management
  • Cloud administration
  • Service improvements
  • Cloud monitoring & analytics
  • Value-added services

Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud monitoring and reporting

  • Cost monitoring and optimization
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Alert management
  • Provisioning & Orchestration
  • IT resilience
  • Identity management & security monitoring
  • Spend optimization
  • Discovery
  • 24x7 Platform / Application Support & Troubleshooting
  • 24x7 L2 and L3 support
  • Continuous cloud service optimization – Performance & Scalability
  • Cloud Security experts – Proactive & Reactive Monitoring
  • Cloud backup and recovery
  • Asset management
  • Automation
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Service management

  • DevOps Consulting

  • Implementation
  • CI / CD Pipeline
  • Containerization
  • Infrastructure as a Code

Cloud Security
  • Cloud Security Services

  • Cloud security architecture
  • Cloud on-boarding assistance
  • Cloud security implementation (CCSM)
  • Cloud security audit
  • Cloud adoption for FinTech

Cyber Security, vCISO Services
  • vCISO Services

  • Cyber Security Model Implementation
  • FinTech Platform Security Design
  • Security Posture Audit
  • Security Architecture Review

Vulnerability Assessment, Trainings
  • Application Vulnerability Assessments

  • Network Security Testing
  • Security Trainings
  • User Awareness Trainings

Implement Standards, Frameworks
  • ISO 27001, PCI-DSS implementation

  • NIST Framework Adoption
  • Business Continuity Framework
  • Regulatory Compliance

Azure App Modernization
  • Azure Active Directory

  • Azure DNS
  • Azure App Service Plan
    (Web Apps, API Apps, Web Jobs)
  • Azure Functions
  • Application Insight
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Container Services
  • Azure DevOps

AWS App Modernization
  • AWS Identity and Access management

  • Route53
  • Cloudfront
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Lambda
  • Cloud Watch
  • EC2 Container Services
  • Code Deploy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the prominent Cloud Service Providers in recent times?

MS Azure, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle Cloud are the major Service Providers in the global scenario.

How do Cloud environment benefit businesses?

Mobile-first options powered through Cloud functions are steering your business cases today. The simple development task on local area makers sans dependency on pricey as well as annually licenses, income as you go flexibility, anytime anywhere accessibility, higher processing power, effortless scalability, synergizing the work as well as house places by means of telecommuting, as well as role-based gain access to of massive business systems are actually just a number of the advantages provided due to the Cloud environment.

Is Cloud migration easy for hybrid businesses?

On-premise IT architecture may be migrated to the Cloud within a few full weeks with help from procedure accelerators. System Integrators and also Cloud professionals are savvy at making it possible for businesses in transitioning to Cloud. 

Which solution offers more benefits IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS?

Cloud services could be availed in different modes– PaaS, IaaS, as well as SaaS are the typical ones. In IaaS, you pay out per usage for services availed, like storage, network, virtualization, and so on. In PaaS, you make use of both hardware and also software provided through Cloud. In SaaS, you make use of third-party program as well as services over the Cloud. Companies can pick their desire for IaaS, PaaS, or even SaaS based on service demands.

Is Multi-Cloud environment the road ahead and is Multi-Cloud environment safe?

Various Cloud Service Providers focus on different companies. To set up a versatile Cloud setting, organizations possess to get different solutions coming from various Cloud Company Providers.


Making sure the exact same protection policies around all the Cloud environments makes certain uniformity. Making use of specific safety and security administration throughout the Multi-Cloud setting mitigates the protection problem of Cloud engineers.

What is Cloud Managed Service?

The outsourced IT, as well as framework management of the Cloud-service setting to improve business functions over the Cloud, is actually extensively described as Cloud Managed Solutions. The Cloud Managed Solutions Companies or even MSPs effectively deal with the daily Cloud solution efficiency monitoring, stating, screening, backups, etc.